The geography of cultural scenes in Spain: communitarian vs. unconventional scenes

We recognize certain cities because they are outstanding in the range of certain types of cultural consumption they offer, because a certain type of cultural production or because they are more or less oriented to certain types of visitors. This accounts for the cultural character of the city and the lifestyles that can be expressed and enjoyed there. Some cities are noteworthy for the diversity of their cultural character, normally the very large ones, while others are noteworthy for a specialization, based on their access to certain resources, such as a beach or a specific museum or their importance as an administrative center

Here you can discover the cultural profile of Spanish cities with more than fifty thousand inhabitants, as well as their type of culture industry, development strategy, and cultural scene. You can also make comparisons between similar cities based on their population size or other basic features. You can also find out about how we came up with our results.

La dinamica cultural de las ciudades

Centro de Solcioligia politica Local

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